The Community-based Company in Kyoto Declaration, and subsequent Ordinances promoting Sustainable Development of Community-based Companies in Kyoto were established with the aim creating a brighter future for the city and enterprise. Kyoto city actively supports local businesses that value their ties to the local land and people. As they grow these businesses give back to the community and in turn the city provides support for enterprise. The Community-based Companies in Kyoto project was established to support ventures that are building this new kind of relationship within the community. In Kyoto, which has a long been an economically and culturally vibrant city, businesses with a shining vision of the future can join together to forge a path forward. Together, let’s discover business ideas that work well in Kyoto.


Kyoto Community-based Company Declaration
The first of its kind in Japan, this declaration was set out by businesses who value their local community at the Kyoto Small & Medium Business Future-forward Conference in September 2018.
The ordinances promoting Community-based Companies
This award was created to recognize companies that grow alongside their local community and to provide a platform to amplify community-based business concepts.
Defining communitybased company
Kyoto city defines this as any business, regardless of size, whose head office is in the city, and is involved in the community with the aim to develop in step with their community.
Community-based Company Awards
This award was created to recognize companies that grow alongside their local community and to provide a platform to amplify community-based business concepts.

Kyoto Community-based
Company Declaration

The Kyoto Small & Medium enterprise Future-forward conferences began in 2016 with the aim of creating new cross-industry ventures. Based on discussions between 1,164 participants, the Kyoto Community-Based Business Declaration was published in 2018. This declaration by businesses with a focus on the local community, regardless of sizes is the first of its kind in Japan, could potentially be the slogan that shapes the next generation. As community-based businesses, what kind of ventures can we create? By asking ourselves this question, we can begin to visualize the kind of businesses that last 50, 100 years.

Kyoto Community-based Company Declaration

We, the community-based companies, here by pledge that:

  • 1. we will pursue sustainable development of business by ourselves and in collaboration and integration with other companies.
  • 2. we will contribute to: the inheritance of living culture; secur ing safety; and revitalizing local communities.
  • 3. we will highly value fulfilling work and take pleasure in contri buting to society, as well as supporting activities of a variety of leaders including youn g people.
  • 4. we will learn about the inherited culture, wisdom and technique s, and strive to create new value.
  • 5. we will utilize the precious forests and rivers and, contribute to preserving the rich natural environment that supports our living.

About the CBC Ordinances

Kyoto city developed these ordinances to promote sustainable development in community-based companies. By codifying the the Kyoto Community-based Company Declaration, they aim to help realize a peaceful and sustainable society.

Honoring and amplifying the efforts of community-based companies
Support and consultation for entrepreneurship & overseas expansion
Securing & training key personnel
Business opportunities & promotion of fair trade
Promoting social activity in the region

Community-based Businesses
in Kyoto project

Meet with Kyoto businesses. Share in age-old wisdom. Discuss local issues.
Through a variety of initiatives we provide support for the community-based business trail-blazers.
  • Kyoto CBC support sessions This is an opportunity for local businesses to get advice from highly experienced business coordinators, getting feedback on business ideas, and network with other community-based businesses.
  • Kyoto CBC Future-forward conferences Business leaders from a variety of backgrounds and industries gather to discuss new business ideas that can be part of the solution to social, local and business issues.
  • Learn with other Community-based Companies We provide a platform for people to gather and discuss common problems such succession, and HR, as well as ways to create a low carbon society and learn from each other’s efforts in tackling the sustainable development goals.
  • Shining CBC Award program This award was created to recognize businesses that grow alongside their local community and to provide a platform to amplify community-based business concepts. These included but are not limited to entrepreneurs that have long had a good relationship with the community.

Community-based Business Award-winner Map

Community-based Business Award-winner Map

Every year more than 100 businesses with strong roots in the city have been recognized for their community-based initiatives through the Shining Community-based Business Award. (See a list of winners here)
We will include some information about their company concepts and activities, as well as some interviews in our map in future.


Kyoto city has a wide network of institutions and city officials that provide support for community-based business.